About Lombard


History of Lombard

Parfum Lombard AB was formed in 1935 in Malmö and is one of the oldest companies in the hairdressing industry. One of the cornerstones in the history of the company are the own production of Chrie professional hair care products. Chrie became best known during the 60th century for its hair spray, as was Sweden's best-selling in that decade. Today Chrie Color Mousse is the major product.
Hair salon interiors was started in the early 50th century and has ever since been an important part of the company. During the 50th and 60th century we built a machine park with a full-time carpenter who made it possible to develop complete interiors, individually for each customer.

Sweden set an early requirement for good work environment. Requirements were placed on height-adjustable seats to give the hairdresser a better working position. Because the company had the agency for Japanese Belmont which produced high quality hydraulic pumps for hairdressing chairs, could Parfum Lombard early offer pump seats to salons for both men and women. Belmont pumps and barbers' chairs from the 60s are still scattered in large numbers around the country and testifies to their high quality and reliability.
In 1987 we started the Swedish agency for Keune Haircosmetics which today has evolved into the company most important part. Keune is now a separate division within the company. More information about Keune, please visit keune.com.

With you in the future

We at Lombard are now focusing all our efforts to offer Swedish hairdressers the largest collection ever of hairdressing furniture. We at Lombards have collected the world's leading brands in the hairdressing furnishings such as Belmont, AGV, GV, Artem, and others. We have barbers' chairs, shampoos, desks, mirrors, hood dryers... We visit fairs and exhibitions to be first with the latest from around the world.

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